Total online sales in the US during Black Friday and Cyber Monday hit a record $5.81bn in 2015. These are dates that, if done right, will leave your virtual cash register ringing. Get them wrong however, and you are practically watching your profit walk out the door...


With that in mind we have created a blog series to help you get your shop in order and maximize on the upcoming sale season! Can't wait for your weekly tip? Dowload the whole thing in whitepaper form now by clicking below...

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We've already covered load testing, email use and in-store barriers to purchase so now on to...


The use of pop-ups!

There are always going to be shoppers for whom the sales, the fancily dressed website and clearly labelled discounts are not enough and, for whatever reason, they are going to leave your site. But don’t fret! Exit intent technology allows you the chance to win back their affections before they go, with the use of pop-ups...

A once much maligned feature of the internet, the pop-up seemed to be destined for banishment to the realm of malware and incessant advertising. But they have seen a reprisal, proving themselves to be a key tool in ecommerce conversion- with targeting options that are more specific, making them more relevant than ever before.

Don’t believe it?

Nosto customers have seen an average conversion increase of 40% using this tool.

Now, there are two predominant problems you face during Black Friday and Cyber Monday - first of all, customers leaving without making a purchase. Secondly, the often transient value of visitors to your site on that day. But, luckily for merchants, pop-ups can be employeed to help with both of these issues... 

Pop-ups to stop them getting away...

Keep shoppers on their way to the check out by using pop-ups, triggered when someone goes to leave your site, to offer them the sweetener that will seal the deal.

Whether that be a discount code for extra savings or free shipping, it is a great way to maximize the return you get from the traffic going to your store that day. Ecommerce store GreatDays saw fantastic results using this tactic; by offering a 10% discount to abandoning shoppers, conversion increased by 60%.

Increase the effectiveness of this by adding a time-limit to the discount you offer - not only does this create a sense of urgency but is a technique that particularly lends itself to the fleeting nature of the sale season.


Pop-ups to enable CLTV...

During Black Friday abandoned cart rates tend to soar even higher than usual with people comparing deals on multiple sites. Since typically a large percentage of these visitors are first timers, when they leave there’s practically no way you can get back in touch with them which amounts to a huge number of wasted opportunities. That’s why it’s a great idea to use either banner space or a pop-up to encourage visitors to leave those precious email addresses. In fact, although pop-ups sometimes have a bad reputation, in one test they drove 1,375% more email captures compared to a sidebar opt-in form.


My Sports Fuel used a pop up to deliver their Black Friday savings, but only in exchange for a email address.


One of the best moments to make the big ask is when they’re about to leave the store with something in their basket, since they’ve already engaged. To do this use a pop-up triggered by that intention to leave, either asking them to save the content of their bag or sign up for a newsletter. You can then set up emails triggered by events such as an abandoned cart to retarget them at a later time.

Tune in next week to find out how to make sure your site is mobile ready! Or download the entire whitepaper now, by clicking the image below...


Black Friday 6 things you need to prepare

The guide include expert tips on:

  • Load testing your website
  • Getting your store mobile ready
  • Effectively using email in your marketing efforts
  • Removing in-store barriers to purchase
  • Enabling pop-ups to increase conversion and allow for data capture.